All of the glitches on our main blog are fixed now! 

Sorry about that, folks! 


~~Admin V 

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Anonymous said:
but how do we get accepted for the other blogs if they're never on to begin with?

You just gotta message them. I really can’t help you with this stuff, they’re all independently run. And I don’t feel good about enforcing them to be super active because they’re just side blogs. 

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Anonymous said:
i have no idea how to use the navigatiopn

I believe we are changing the current navi page. If you click on BEGIN at the right side of the cards, the links will show up on the cards once you hover over them

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Anonymous said:
it feels like magic blog and gossip blog r dead

I feel fine with how active the extra blogs are because they’re just that; extras. I think they’re fine, but if you’d like to offer your services to them feel free to shoot them a message. Again, all the extra blogs are not linked to or part of the main, and they are all run by members of the rp on their own.

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We are looking to add another co admin to our little admin family. Please message the main if you’re interested and we’ll give you the details!

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Anonymous said:
how do you apply to be an admin for one of the blogs?

for one of the Misc blogs? I would just message them off anon and let them know you’re interested. I’d tell them how often you’re active and if you have any type of photoshop skills or whatever. But really, just message them.

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Anonymous said:
Are we allowed to make characters from Disney movies that have yet to come out? Like Big Hero 6?

Uhh I don’t know about that.

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Please unfollow

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Follow Kailani!

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Our main is under heavy construction, please don’t be scared, it will be lovely again very soon! 


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Congratulations! The following roles have been accepted!!

Canon Characters:

  • Kailani Pelekai
  • Penelope Pink


Original Characters:

  • Storm Blot (Rachel Macadams)
  •  Heffridge Trumpler Brompet “Lumpy” Heffalump IV (Cameron Monaghan)

Make those accounts! Also, when sending in URLs please send them in via ASK so that I can answer with your ooc blog link!!
Also, please track the following tags:
Disney academy admin
Disney academy starter
Disney academy follow
As well as your personal tag, da(your character’s first name here) ie dawill.

Also, for all you new Original Characters, please post your bio’s on your characters blog so that we can reblog it to the main. 
Congrats and welcome to the Disney Academy!!

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Anonymous said:
do you take bios that people send in

Yep! We are a bit picky with those though. A

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