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Sophia-Grace Cottontail

  • 16 Years Old
  • Parent: Fanny Cottontail
  • Bridgit Mendler

"They’re family in my eyes."

Sophia-Grace was a child born from a one night stand that her mother had with a stranger after she and Oswald had split up. Monsters University was where Sophia-Grace spent her life, as a stuffed animal, watching as many new students arrived at the university and many old students left. Sophia-Grace spent 4 years at the university before her mother was too tattered and torn to be kept, and she was thrown away, never to be seen by Sophia-Grace again. One year later and it was her turn to be thrown away after being used as a cushion, a throwing toy and even a cleaning cloth. After being tossed out into a garbage truck, tattered and bruised, she was shocked to have woken up in Wasteland. It was completely different to Monsters University, but she was different too, she wasn’t a stuffed animal anymore, she was a real life, moving rabbit. While in Wasteland, she learned a lot about rules there. She learned about how it was where the rejected, retired and forgotten characters went, she learned about how Oswald The Lucky Rabbit was the ruler of Wasteland how there were over 400 children of his causing trouble and mischief. She wanted desperately to meet Oswald to find out how her mother ended up at Monsters University. But that day has yet to come.

Sophia-Grace is hardly like her mother, Fanny Cottontail, she likes to keep to herself sometimes, but that’s difficult. Being a pretty girl, often came at the cost of having boys just falling at her feet. She can be quite a shy and enclosed girl or her usual outgoing self around new people depending on the vibe she gets from people, unlike her mother but is very outgoing and flirtatious around her friends and when intoxicated. She’s an extremely kind-hearted person and helps people without really thinking of the consequences. She’s very reckless and carefree, despite her being shy, and can’t really see the bad in people, or rather doesn’t want to see the bad in people. Now that she’s at the Academy, she’s hoping to make some friends and break out of her secluded shell.

+ Caring, Kind-Hearted, Helpful

- Sometimes Shy, Carefree, Reckless


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Anonymous said:
How would you feel about siblings for Neverlanders? More specially the Lost boys?

I think we could do something with that!

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■ Anonymous;  
Anonymous said:
This is a role or something? Idk, how works this? Thanks ♥♥

The group? Yes indeed, this is a second generation Disney roleplay group. If you’ve never been in a roleplay before, its easy to learn! Our whole group is focused around the children of Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse and many many others. If you were interested in joining, you would choose or create a character and then write through them. please message us off anon if you have more questions, I’d be happy to help.

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Anonymous said:
you need to update the hiatus list. I know for a fact that there is more than one person on hiatus

Yes I do! thanks

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The Ooc is up to date!

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Caden Cricket

  • Parents: Jiminy Cricket and the Blue Fairy
  • Age: 22
  • Office Hand
  • Matthew McNulty

"I wouldn’t do that if I were you."

Being the oldest has never been the ideal position for Caden. Having to watch out for his younger siblings he always felt like it was a job which made it extremely difficult to care much about what happened. His mother and father made it seem like he had to always be on watch, as if they didn’t have eyes of their own. Always having been treated like an adult he hates those who act naïve and young.

Caden is next in line to be a conscience, alongside his father, but Caden’s beginning to wonder if that’s really what he wants to be. He’d never been able to connect all that well to his siblings due to the fact that he wanted freedom. He wanted to make his own choices and worry about himself for once. Now he has to decide whether he’s going to follow his father’s footsteps and play the good eldest child, or break free of all those expectations and live a life on his own.

+ Protective, Charming, Wise

- Contradictory, Socially inept, Manipulative


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Amir Vizier

  • Age: 18
  • Parent: Jafar Vizier
  • Siva Kaneswaran

"Bow down to your future king"

Amir is anything but nice. He’s rude, he’s selfish, he’s full of himself and hates everything about the Ababwa’s. He’s basically just a younger, smarter, handsomer remake of his father. And he knows it. He can twist you into thinking in an entirely different way and can play people like fiddles. He sees himself as above everyone else and is cocky to the point where it’s gotten annoying. He laughs at his father and his attempts to ruin the Ababwa’s, hoping that his own attempts are a lot better than his fathers.

But this whole douchebag persona that Amir puts on is all just an attempt to cover up his true form. As a child his father didn’t really care for him or his siblings, so he was either ignored or beaten. Now to try and get rid of the scared little boy that was afraid of daddy, he’ll act as mean and rude as possible to get his fathers acceptance. He’s also grown almost a dependency on alcohol because of this, he just wants to get rid of all that fear and become the one who is feared. Even if it means hurting a few people along the way

+ Handsome, Smart, Clever

- Mean, Rude, Ruthless


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Congratulations, the following roles have been accepted!

Canon Roles:

  • Basil Baker

Original Characters:

  • Amir Vizier 
  • Sophia-Grace Cottontail

Make those accounts! Also, when sending in URLs please send them in via ASK so that I can answer with your ooc blog link!!
Also, please track the following tags:
Disney academy admin
Disney academy starter
Disney academy follow
As well as your personal tag, da(your character’s first name here) ie dawill.

Also, for all you new Original Characters, please post your bio’s on your characters blog so that we can reblog it to the main. 
Congrats and welcome to the Disney Academy!!

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Anonymous said:
Do you guys have any characters in the fab five/classics family?

We do indeed! Most of them are taken Ocs. They are tagged as classic.

We need more of them! -Admin A

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All of the glitches on our main blog are fixed now! 

Sorry about that, folks! 


~~Admin V 

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Anonymous said:
but how do we get accepted for the other blogs if they're never on to begin with?

You just gotta message them. I really can’t help you with this stuff, they’re all independently run. And I don’t feel good about enforcing them to be super active because they’re just side blogs. 

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