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Update rooming please?

Rooming is up to date!

Nixie Mist

  • Age: 15
  • Parent: Silvermist
  • Jodelle Ferland

"Everyone needs their own space sometimes, even me."

As the daughter of Silvermist, Nixie’s sweet and sympathetic personality is something that really makes her shine. She is often the voice of reason among the Neverlanders, except when it comes to growing up. Staying young forever was something that satisfied Nixie’s fantasies. She enjoys going on adventures with Peter Pan, the Lost Boys and Tiger Lily and always watches over Tootles like a guardian angel. She trusts people easily which can lead to her breaking down over the smallest thing. While in Neverland, Peter had made sure that there was always someone keeping an eye on her in case she trusted the wrong people, like the first time she had met Eduardo Hook and trusted him, only to have herself held captive and thrown overboard and into the sea. Now that she’s at the academy, she’s looking to meet people that won’t use or hurt her. But the Neverlander’s will always protect her, just like she will always protect them.

+ Sweet, Sympathetic, Trusting.

- Easily Discouraged, Shy, Emotionally Unstable.

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The whole neverlanders and scream crew thing

Uhh. what? What about them?

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Can we reserve Jake T Austin as a fc?

Yes you can, but you have to be off anon to reserve characters or fcs so that we can make sure we give it to the right person.

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Is the Lorax counted as a Disney movie?

No, the Lorax was done by Universal Studios and Illumination entertainment. It has no ties to Disney

Jassim Tendua

  • Parents: Bagheera
  • Age: 18
  • Avan Jogia

"I’m plenty of fun! Usually…"

Jassim was your typical lost at sea confused teen. He was raised by the famously over protective and responsible Bagheera and now at his coming of age his urge to rebel was strong. Some days he was a vegan and some days he took vows of silence but most days he was at least sexually confused. He was always easily influenced by his jungle and village friends, not wanting to become “Mini Bagheera”. However, whenever the gang got into trouble, Jassim was the one to rectify the situation. He was wired to protect and think logically and as much as he hated it, it was what he was good at. He just hoped to find his true path in life before it was too late. The last thing Jassim wanted was to become a boring old jungle cat.

+ Passionate, Logical, Protective

- Stressed, Confused, Easily influenced


 Elliot Tandon

  • Parents: Tantor
  • Age: 17
  • Colin Morgan

"Being afraid limits you. Why be afraid when you can be fearless?"

Being raised by one of Disney’s most infamous scaredy-cats never was something that Elliot appreciated growing up. Sure he loved his dad but being sheltered most of his life was hard, never getting much social interaction outside of his friends in the jungle. He grew up with Kurt and Devon and a massive crush on Mrs. Porter. He tried to convince his dad over the years that he was a big kid and that he could handle a bike without training wheels and going out and exploring a bit more but his father wasn’t having any of it. Finally, after years of begging and pleading, Elliot convinced Tantor to let him go off to the Disney Academy. 

Elliot tries not to be afraid of anything. He takes risks often and in his early teenage years would sneak out regularly. There are few things that truly scare him. He’s a generally friendly person and the only way to get on his bad side is to hurt one of his friends. He’s loyal and has an incredible memory, given that elephants never forget. He has a tendency to be late and is known to trip over his own feet every now and again. 

+ Optimistic, Caring, Never forgets

- Socially awkward, Clumsy, Self conscious


 Emmet Norrington

  • Parents: James Norrington
  • Age: 17
  • Robbie Kay

"All my father would talk about is honor, it made me sick. I just want to be a real pirate!"

After his father’s brush with death on the Flying Dutchman, he vowed to not take any chances with his son once Emmet had been born. Emmets life has been structured and controlled from the beginning, barely even having a childhood in it. Emmet’s life was planned out from day one, he was supposed to find a girl, get married, get a house, get a ship and become Governor of Port Royal. But the thing was, he didn’t want that. He wanted to be free, and do what he pleased. He wanted to have the same life all the other pirate kids had, he even wanted to become a pirate himself, despite his father’s wishes against it. He found his chance the day his father decided to enroll him into the academy thinking he could learn more there instead of at the Caribbean, but knowing most of the other pirate kids had gone there Emmet knew that this was his chance to prove he could be exactly like them. Now that he’s at the academy, he’s currently trying to achieve that goal, no grades to worry about, no teachers. His only true goal at this place, is to finally become a real pirate and prove to everybody he can be the greatest pirate the world has ever seen.

+ Friendly, Protective, Smart

- Rude, Pushy, Introvert 


Thomas Sparrow

  • Parents: Jack Sparrow
  • Age: 21
  • Aidan Turner

“Give me a bow any day” 

Thomas grew up in England with his mother and step-father, not having met his real father other than being told that he was ‘away’. His family were apart of the upper class society and Thomas was taught to read and write and everything else a young boy was expected to know. What they didn’t prepare him for though was the death of his parents. Thomas then found himself in the care of a man that claimed to be his grandfather, his father’s father. He taught him how to fight, to follow the code but he also told him stories of his father, who of which later turned up in a drunken ramble about his ship being stolen. The young boy then spent his time alternating on the ship and staying with his grandfather, learning more and more about piracy as he got older. During his time on the Pearl, he was sometimes mocked by the other pirates due to the fact that he’d somehow kept his upper British accent. None of them got away with it though as Tom always found a way of getting back at them all. After his half-sister was sent to the academy, not surprisingly Jack went off on his own accord leaving Tom behind, telling him he had ‘business’ to take care of. This only gave his grandfather another reason to send him off to Disney Academy, whether Thomas wanted to or not. 

+Adventurous, Funny, Cheeky, Intelligent 

- Sarcastic, Reckless, Cunning

Sibling; Nerissa


Majaka “Maja” Bear

  • Parents: Baloo
  • Age: 19 (Held back)
  • Marlon Texia

“Relax buddy boy, we’re just havin’ some fun.”

Majaka makes up his own rules and lives by them. Thankfully there are only three for him that are easy to remember. Number one, stay away from being in relationships they’re nothing but trouble. Number two, Only go to class once in awhile to make the teachers know that you don’t care and number three teach the mancub everything he knows. The only time he’d ever really get riled up is if anyone every tried to harm his Jassy or his mancub. That’s how life was like in the jungle and that’s how it’d be here at the Academy. No one would bring harm to the ones that he called family.   

+ Charismatic, Laid-back, Playful

- Lazy, Does drugs, Gullible


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When will you guys post the OC's bio's

as soon as I can friend. Gotta go through the ooc page also.

Bae Shang

  • Age: 15
  • Parents: Fa Mulan and Li Shang
  • Bae Suzy

"Why won’t they let me be me?"

Bae has grown up in a home where manners are everything. As her mother grew up, she learned to be polite and more like a proper lady but Bae doesn’t want that, she wants to go outside, see the world and be who she is not who they want her to be. Being brought up in the environment of polite and proper, Bae feels that if she doesn’t act the way she was taught, she would be doing wrong and she would be punished by her father and then she would punish herself, finding comfort in a silver blade, as she often did. Surrounded by boys her entire life, Bae had never being interested in the feminine things, she wanted to get dirty and have fun. Everytime the Fira boys or her brother asked her to go on adventure her reply was always the same: “I must complete my chores and stay inside.” She would never tell anyone about her punishments, or her… issues. They didn’t need to be plagued by her problems nobody did and now that she’s at Disney Academy, it hasn’t changed. Her punishments would remain a secret and she would be polite and respectful, almost like a servant.

+ Polite, Forgiving, Selfless

- Secretive, Insecure, Hides her emotions

Sibling; Ru (open to anyone, full creation needed)


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This is a VERY cliquey roleplay... Because of this, I'm not sure about joining

Can I ask why you think it is? I feel like we’re actually really good at not only welcoming new comers but also keeping up interactions with everyone. I wouldn’t say we’re cliquey.